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Are You Sick of the Uncertainty Surrounding Your Financial Life?

You need a consistent and predictable plan that will sustain you through retirement, and even beyond your own life into the next generation.

This course will help you build a comprehensive income plan that:
1. Never Runs Out of Money
2. Makes You Wealthier Through Retirement
3. Allows You to Leave a Meaningful Legacy to the People You Love
Build a Retirement Income Plan that Gives You Confidence and Freedom
Our Retirement Income Planning Course incorporates 17 years of financial planning and investment management experience into one comprehensive planning system.
A Sustainable Retirement Income Plan 
An Investment Strategy To Never Run Out of Money
A Plan For Retiring Debt Free
Goals That Align With Your Values
Most financial planners make one HUGE mistake when working with their clients to build a retirement income plan:
They focus on investment performance rather than the goals of each investor!
There is no magic bullet for retirement, but there is a system that every saver can use to achieve their deepest held goals. Through discipline, diversification, savings, and faith in the future we help you create the perfect retirement income plan for YOU.
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"Tumwater has helped my family think about our financial future but in a uniquely holistic way. I really value being able to ask for Ben's advice on any financial topic, be it immediately related to our investment planning or not. Ben sees and understands how the big picture impacts the tactical decisions he helps you make."
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"Tumwater has been a great resource for financial planning for my future and eventually my retirement. I've worked with Ben to find the right balance of investments that suit my long-term saving goals. I also have appreciated Ben's help with other savings goals, whether it's regarding an emergency savings fund, or saving for a specific purchase. He is always willing to answer my questions and explain the rational behind investment moves. He also reviewed my 401(k) plan which was very helpful!"
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"I reached out to Ben and he immediately set up a time to talk about the best options for my 401K. A plan to roll the funds into an IRA was set in place and implemented by Ben and his co-worker, Jackson. I am confident that Ben has my best interest at heart. Communication is never an issue. I always know I will receive honest, appropriate guidance."
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Retirement Income Academy

One Time Payment
     35 Video Series On How To Build a Customized Financial Plan - 7 Modules
  •  Social Security Breakeven Calculator
  • ​Real Estate Rental Income Analysis
  • ​ Pension Optimization Calculator
  •  Education Planning Calculator
  •  ​Debt Repayment Calculator
  •  Real Estate Amortization Table
  • Investment Rebalancing Calculator
  •  ​​One-Page Financial Planning Worksheet

Work 1-On-1 with Ben

Fees Vary Depending On Assets
  • Holistic Financial Planning With Ben
  •  Portfolio Management
  •  Annual 1-On-1 Meetings
  •  Full Access To Ben
  • Access to Everything in Retirement Income Academy 
  •  Access to All Mastermind Sessions
  • Access to Retirement Income Academy Facebook Group
What You're Getting from the Course

50-Video Instructional Series

Included Modules

  • How Much Retirement Income Will You Need?
  • ​Where Will Your Retirement Income Come From?
  • How Big Does Your Portfolio Need To Be?
  • How Do You Get There From Here?

8 Automated Financial Planning Tools

Included Tools

  • Social Security Breakeven Calculator
  • ​Real Estate Rental Income Analysis
  • ​Pension Optimization Calculator
  • ​Education Planning Calculator
  • ​Debt Repayment Calculator
  • Real Estate Amortization Table
  • ​Rebalancing Investments Calculator
  • ​​One-Page Financial Plan Worksheet

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